I'm being wrongfully evicted and harrassed by my apartment manager. What can I do to fight back legally?

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in Missouri Posted 4 years, 1 month ago

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Henri Chillers Sallis

If you have been served an unlawful detainer the first thing you should do is answer it by the court, depending on what state you live in, it is generally five days and up to 10 days that you should answer. I am sorry to just now see this post because whatever transpired has probably already taken place. The first hearing is to get you out of your unit. If you do not give a due date that you will leave you will then be able to speak to the judge and the attorney if they have one. If you set a date you will have to leave before you court hearing which is also normally 30 days later to decide damages. Rent is part of damages in cases where there is back owed rent. Either way you can answer by showing up and tellling your side of the story even if you are told "this is only to get a move out date". Make sure you have all your legal documentation and look up your "tenants rights" in your state.

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